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Absolutely Her Consignment Overview


We'll help you find the most money hanging in your closet and clear out the clutter and chaos to get you organized to get ready each day.
Not sure about what consignment is? We've broken it down for you:

1) Bring in those fabulous items in your closet that meet our guidelines
When you walk through our doors, you'll see the intake counter on the right -  just hang up your items, give us your name, and then take a look around the store.  We'll sort through them and then have you meet us back at the counter to go over the consignment contract and give you a receipt for the items we were able to accept.  All items must be authentic as it is illegal to sell fakes or knock-offs.  If we didn't take them all, please know it isn't personal - it's important for us to only accept items we believe we can sell.  We may also have a separate section of items we'd like you to bring back because they may sell better in a different season.  
2) Next we'll process your consignment inventory
You'll see us switch out to our store hangers and then the items will be entered into our Inventory System.  Each item is tagged with your account number and priced competitively so you get the best money possible.  Our goal is to have them entered and out onto the sales floor within 24 hour.

 3)  It's time to hit the sales floor
All items brought in for consignment will remain on the sales floor for 60 days.  We'll merchandise them and some items are selected to go onto our online store which means your items are seen by hundreds of people weekly. 
4)  When your item(s) sell, money goes directly onto your account
Through our online system, you'll see a balance on your account as soon as we finish the sales transaction. You will receive 40% of the final selling price (everything is subject to any sales or markdowns) and you can check your account 24 hours a day.  When you have a balance, you can stop in to cash out at any time or you can use it as store credit to shop for AHmazing items which fit your style and wardrobe. 
5)  If your item(s) don't sell, you can reclaim them at the end of the 60 days
We understand your items are YOUR items.  If they didn't sell during the consignment period, we ask that you call and speak to one of our associates to request they be returned.  We do need to be called before the set expiration and we'll need 24 hours to gather your items and finish the returned paperwork.  We don't have a lot of storage space, so we do ask that you pick up the unsold items within 3 days of calling.   If you don't want them back, you don't have to do anything else.