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As the seasons change here in Nebraska, our wardrobes need to transition with the weather.  Because we have items on our sales floor for 60 days, it's important we create the best selection for you as you shop.  We know as we get closer to the next season, customers (ourselves included) get a little bored with what's in our closet and we want to jump into what's coming up.  Our staff has learned over the years to anticipate the upcoming trends to help you create your own personal style as you begin thinking seasonally.  The goal is to guide you in creating a closet of what makes you feel like YOU.

Here's a bit of a guide to help you figure out when to bring in certain items for consignment at Absolutely Her:

FALL CONSIGNMENTS:  August 20th - October 20th
Think about the start of those chilly nights watching football games
and the colors of the leaves as they change...
Midweight Sweaters
Long Sleeve Shirts/Blouses
Midweight Pants & Skirts
Layering Pieces
Fashion Boots/Booties/Loafers
WINTER CONSIGNMENTS:  October 21st - February 15th
Think about those cold snowy days when you just want to
bundle up all cozy-like and the neutral colors we all love..
Heavy Sweaters (Wool, Cashmere, Cable)
Long Sleeve Shirts & Blouses
Heavyweight or Lined Pants & Skirts
Winter Boots, Durable Snow-Type Shoes
SPRING CONSIGNMENTS:  February 16th - April 20th
Think about layers and pastel colors and prints..
Lightweight Sweaters
Long Sleeve Shirts & Blouses
Midweight Pants, Skirts, Capris
Layering Pieces
Open Toe Shoes
SUMMER CONSIGNMENTS:  May 1st - August 19th
Think about the hot weather and bright & fun colors and prints...
Tank Tops
Sleeveless Shirts/Blouses
Lightweight or Sheer Sweaters
Lightweight Pants, Skirts & Capris
Flip Flops & Sandals